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Self-Paced Software Engineering Program

Learn to code. Become a software engineer (Off Campus)

This is a 1-year program for students and working professionals who wish to learn as per their comfort and flexibility. You can learn online from home or any place. In this, there will be a personal mentor assigned who will guide you throughout the course. There will be provision of courseware and other materials. This program is extended to one year where students can learn anytime between this period.

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Course Information


Basics Buildup

This pre-course is for beginners to start with the basics and experienced ones to brush up their knowledge. A mentor will be assigned and will take you through the fundamentals of programming with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and many more. Completing and fully understanding the pre-work is essential for students to prepare themselves for the course. You can connect with your mentor over video call or by any other medium for doubts and queries.

  • Web Fundamentals - How the web works
  • Command Line Terminal - Basic commands
  • Git & Github
  • Documentation
  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • Terminal - Basic commands
  • Programming Foundations
  • Programming Ethics
  • HTML / CSS - Foundations
  • JavaScript - Foundations
  • Tech Workflow
  • LAMP Stack

Remote Prep

Beginners can learn this module as it covers all basics. It will be easy to understand as you go ahead in the course.

Optional Module

This is an optional module for experienced ones. You can join this module to brush up your basics and fundamentals. It would be preferred to take at least one week of pre course training before the course.


Here you learn about the core subject. Below mentioned topics will be covered in this section and we make sure that your concepts are clear in all of them.

  • Algorithmic Thinking
  • Data Structures
  • SQL Database
  • JavaScript Programming
  • PHP Programming
  • Wordpress Web Development
  • Wordpress SEO & Security
  • MVC Architecture
  • RestFul API

Compulsary Module

This is the mandatory module of your course. You will learn all the concepts and also implement them alongside. Even if you are familiar with all the technologies, you will still learn a lot in this training.

Live Projects

On completion of the course, you will be given an opportunity to work on live projects of top IT companies where you can put all your knowledge and skills into real execution. This will play as a value addition to your portfolio.

  • PHP Framework : Laravel
  • JavaScript Framework : Vue.JS
  • AWS Server Management
  • DigitalOcean & Kubernetes
  • PHP Dependency Management : Composer
  • CDN : Cloud Delivery Network

Compulsary Module

This is a very important module of your course. You will build projects out of the concepts that you learnt. You will feel the joy of building applications on your own.

Secure your Job

This is an optional module. However, we recommend students to take benefits from our industry specialists. Services like CV building and personal branding including interview mastery helps students to secure a job easily.

  • Career Success
  • Resume Makeover
  • Learning Linkedin
  • Interview Mastery
  • Personal Branding
  • Startup mindset

Average Annual Salary
after completing course

SALARY GRAPH Software Developer €60 000 Gross - €70 000
salary graph Full-Stack Developer €55 000 Gross - €65 000
salary graph Web Developer €50 000 Gross - €60 000
salary graph Mobile App Developer €60 000 Gross - €70 000

Some of the Mentors

Vishal Dhateria Vishal is highly qualified Software Engineer and an experienced professional with working experience in some of the top international companies. Due to his skills and expertise, he is best asset for Code Belgium, and is reason behind success of many students.
Vinay Bansal Vinay is a Software Engineering Leader at an International Company and founder of a Multi National Company. He has trained and mentored students from all over the world, and helped them start their career. He is the best instructor any student could get.


Oct 2024

Pre Course Begins From : 1 Sep

10:00am - 1:00pm CEST

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Dec 2025

Pre Course Begins From : 1 Nov

10:00am - 1:00pm CEST

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