Programmers Secret - 60WPM

They say a good developer has one thing in their bucket, their typing speed. Typing speed and programming is not co related, but yes it has significance in the efficiency and productivity of your work.

As Jeff Atwood says, “We are typists first, Programmers second”. A programmer will develop this skill in the course of their career. As they are constantly exposed to coding day and night, their typing speed increases. A well experienced developer must have repeated the coding and they know what codes are required where and for what. It's natural that when we type the same thing repeatedly, the typing speed goes fast as compared to the new things that we type.

It means that the more a developer has typed codes, the speed of his typing will be fast, hence making him an efficient and experienced developer. Your typing speed is important, if you are a developer. It needs lot of practice, errors, bugs, fixations and solutions which lands into a right set of codes. And when the same requirement comes, you can just finish it in no time.

A developer who has a proven typing speed, can also contribute his time in other tasks. Programming is not just typing codes all day and night. A programmer also has to research, run, test & fix. He can also contribute his time in experimenting new things which will benefit the firm or the task he is doing.  

 A programmer who types fast can also write quickly his ideas or solve a problem quickly. A slow typing programmer can probably forget some codes which he has thought in first place. New programmers can practice their typing skills by various typing tools and can also practice codes repeatedly. It does not need experience to reach that stage where you will be called a better developer, if this is in your bucket, you are already one.  

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