Coding for Beginners

The latest study results that there are about 27 million software developers in the whole world. This has risen by 40-45% in the past two years.   

Coding for beginners can get overwhelming and time-consuming.  however, it is worth investing time to learn the basics of programming and build solid foundations of coding. As grammar is important to master any spoken language, logical thinking is important to master computer languages.  Once the concepts are clear, it gets easier to work on any software applications. Learning to code also results in improved creativity and critical thinking which is essential in today’s competitive business world.

How coding can change your life?

Today, we can say that coding is the DNA of the digital world. Every phone app, website, computer program, and even many kitchen appliances rely on coding to work. This is why coders have such an outstanding position in the shaping of the modern age and the future.

You can explore the unmatched opportunities with coding. Below are a few examples of such opportunities.  

  • Hand-crafting your own websites
  • Becoming a Career Coder
  • Starting a Technology Business
  • Understand the Technology shaping your World

More details about Why Coding can be found here - 13 reasons Why Coding? 

It is essential for people looking for a career in coding to stay up to date with continuous changes in technology and to identify any specific areas of expertise that seem particularly tempting.

Early steps towards coding:

There are no easy short cuts to be successful in life. Learning to code has no exception as well.

Below are the few steps that help to learn to code for beginners:

  • Coding Bootcamps: These are the courses specially designed as per the current industry trends. Bootcamps are usually helpful to quickly master a particular skill with career guidance and 1:1 mentorship.
  • Internships: Practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge when it comes to coding for beginners. Code Belgium is one of the few institutions which provides assistance in getting internships and jobs after the completion of Full-stack Software Engineering Bootcamp.
  • Live projects: To be job-ready in this competitive world, one needs to work on live projects to improvise work performance under tight deadlines. Code Belgium has designed a Bootcamp where the students spend a significant amount of time in working on such live projects. Check out – Full Stack Software Engineering Bootcamp.


Coding is one of the primary assignments involved in creating software. Code Belgium takes an interactive approach to teach coding for beginners, which makes learning a lot more fun and enhances student’s skills

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